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Castro, Raul Castro

Fidel Castro’s successor has been selected on Sunday, it’s his brother, Raul Castro (photo). He has been unanimously selected by Cuba’s National Assembly. (more…)

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The oscars 2008

If you wanna see a full list of the winners of the Oscars 2008,  it’s here… (more…)

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East Timor’s parliament has voted the extension of the state of emergency for another 30 days. It has been imposed after attacks on the country’s president and prime minister and was supposed to end on Saturday. (more…)

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Asif Ali Zardari & Bilawal BhuttoMonday’s poll has been won by opposition parties, but the Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, said he isn’t going to resign.

Even though the result of these elections has been seen as a vote against the actions of the president, when The Wall Street Journal asked him whether he would resign or retire, he said : “No, not yet. We have to move forward in a way that we bring about a stable democratic government to Pakistan.” (more…)

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Fidel Castro has resigned from the Cuban presidency after almost 50 years in power. The information was published in the official Communist newspaper, Granma.

Mr Castro, 81, suffers a stomach illness and already handed his power to his brother, Raul, 19 months ago. It was supposed to be temporary, it won’t. (more…)

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On Monday, the Israeli military said it has taken about 80 Palestinians to Israel. They are going to question them, in the aftermath of a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

Early on Sunday, backed by aircraft, Israeli ground forces killed three members of the armed wing of Hamas and a civilian during an incursion. A fifth person died of his wounds on Monday. (more…)

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On Sunday afternoon, Kosovo’s parliament has held a historic session to unanimously declare the independence of the country from Serbia.

But Kosovo’s 10 Serbian members of parliament boycotted the session in order to protest at the declaration.

Hashim Thaci said that from that day, Kosovo was “proud, independent and free”. “The independence of Kosovo marks the end of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia”, he added. (more…)

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Today is an important day as Pakistanis are electing a new parliament and four provincial assemblies.

The murder of Benazir Bhutto had delayed these parliamentary elections that could mark a victory for the party of the former prime minister, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). (more…)

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More than 120 countries have sent their delegates to attend a meeting in New Zealand. They will discuss in order to find an agreement to limit the use of cluster bombs. NZ, Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Norway and Peru are the six governments leading the process. (more…)

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The Iranian government tried to stop the screening of a film about the Koran. They said the movie, made by Geert Wilders, a Dutch member of parliament, is offensive.

Gholam Hussein Elham, the Iranian justice minister, wrote to his Dutch counterpart, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, asking him to ban the movie. So far the government has refused to interfere, because it’s a matter of freedom of expression. (more…)

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