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On Sunday afternoon, Kosovo’s parliament has held a historic session to unanimously declare the independence of the country from Serbia.

But Kosovo’s 10 Serbian members of parliament boycotted the session in order to protest at the declaration.

Hashim Thaci said that from that day, Kosovo was “proud, independent and free”. “The independence of Kosovo marks the end of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia”, he added. (more…)

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Today is an important day as Pakistanis are electing a new parliament and four provincial assemblies.

The murder of Benazir Bhutto had delayed these parliamentary elections that could mark a victory for the party of the former prime minister, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). (more…)

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More than 120 countries have sent their delegates to attend a meeting in New Zealand. They will discuss in order to find an agreement to limit the use of cluster bombs. NZ, Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Norway and Peru are the six governments leading the process. (more…)

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