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A new constitution has been adopted by Kosovo’s parliament, almost two months after the country declared its independence from Serbia. The charter pledges to build a state that protects minorities like the Serbs, who strongly opposed Kosovo’s split.

Kosovo president, Fatmir Sejdiu (photo), told reporters that “Serbs are the citizens of Kosovo.” He addedWe want them to be an important foundation and a bridge for the future better relations with the state of Serbia.” (more…)

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Permanent access to planned US missile defence sites in eastern Europe, that’s what Russia asked, if agreement is to be reached on the proposed missile shield. Accepted during the Nato summit, this missile shield’s aim is to protect the allies from rogue countries like Iran. (more…)

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A suspension of troops withdrawal after july, that’s what General David Petraeus, the top US military leader in Iraq, has recommended, in order to protect gains in Iraq.

Gen Petraeus and ambassador Ryan Crocker (photo) testified at the hearing, part of a two-day congressional session, to give an update on the Iraq “surge”. (more…)

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