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The result of a partial recount of last month’s disputed elections in Zimbabwe has been delayed. The recount by electoral officials, in 23 out of 210 seats, has already began on Saturday and would take three days.

Led by Morgan Tsvangirai (left photo), the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) opposition claims it beat Robert Mugabe’s (right photo) Zanu-PF outright, and say the recount is illegal. (more…)

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A US pastor, coming from South Carolina, has been sentenced to jail for more than three years by a Moscow court, for illegally importing hunting rifle amunition into Russia.

Phillip Miles was arrested on 3 February at the home of a friend, in the Urals city of Perm. His sentence, three years and two months, takes account of the time pastor Miles has already spent in custody.

He said he had brought the bullets to Russia as a gift for a friend, a fellow pastor. While his lawyer is planning an appeal, pastor Miles described the sentence as “severe”.

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Work, travel, study, marry and even receive health care, are the situations in which Saudi women have to obtain permission from male relatives. The Human Rights Watch said that men keep Saudi women in perpetual childhood in order to be able to exercise “guardianship”. (more…)

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