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Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez called for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to end its four-decade struggle to overthrow Colombia’s government. It is suprising, because just months ago, he called for Colombia’s largest guerilla group to be recognised as a legitimate insurgent force. (more…)


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This week, the US president will make a farewell tour through Europe, even though the Bush presidency is already in the rearview mirrors for European.

The anti-Bush sentiment, running high on the streets, is being mollified by excitement among Europeans, about the race to replace George W. Bush. And as leaders have moved beyond their anger over the US-led invasion of Iraq, Trans-Atlantic relations are on the upswing. (more…)

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In Zimbabwe, Human Rights Watch has warned that a “campaign of violence” has extinguished any hope of free and fair run-off presidential elections.

The New-York-based group says in a new report that it has evidence linking senior officials, loyal to Robert Mugabe (photo), with violent incidents. The report also says that president Mugabe’s governing Zanu-PF party and its allies have been running torture camps. (more…)

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