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Hugo Chavez (photo, from lescommunistes.fr) has revoked a law that made sweeping changes to the intelligence services.

Venezuela’s president said he recognised he had made errors when proclaiming the law by decree. He added that it breached the country’s constitution. (more…)


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The German government is being sued by a group of civil-rights attorneys, who demand that it pursues the extradition of 13 CIA agents sought in the alleged kidnapping of a German citizen.
Attorney Wolfgang Kaleck said that the case filed with a Berlin administrative court seeks to demand accountability of the agents involved with Khaled al-Masri (photo). (more…)

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JK Rowling wrote a short Harry Potter prequel, of 800-word, that has been sold at a charity auction held at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, in central London, for £25 000, following a bidding frenzy. (more…)

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