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Guinea’s military leader has warned on Saturday that Guineans are strongly opposed to international peacekeepers in their country.

Five days before Capt Moussa Dadis Camara’s comments, scores of opposition supporters were shot dead by Guinea’s forces at a pro-democracy rally. (more…)

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The European Union’s Lisbon Treaty is back on track, with the Irish voters who approved the 27-nation bloc’s plans for reform.

On Saturday, the electoral office said that 67.1 per cent of voters had said “yes”, reversing the win last year by the “no” campaign. (photo, from aljazeera.net) (more…)

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The Washington Times reported that US president Barack Obama, has agreed to abide by a 40-year policy of allowing Israel to keep nuclear weapons without opening them to international inspection.

On Saturday, the US newspaper quoted three unnamed sources as saying Obama had confirmed to Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, that he would maintain the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. (more…)

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