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In recent weeks, more than 100 children have died of lead poisoning in Nigeria, health officials say.

The number has been rising since March, when residents started digging illegally for gold in areas with high concentrations of lead.

The victims were from several remote villages in the northern state of Zamfara. (map, from bbcimg.co.uk) (more…)

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Israeli ambassador to the US said his country will reject a proposed international commission to investigate its deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla.

Michael Oren (photo, from bbcimg.co.uk) told US broadcaster Fox News that Israel has the ability and the right to investigate its own military. (more…)

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A ruling has been upheld by a court in Cairo, urging the government to consider stripping Egyptian men who are married to Israeli women of their citizenship.

The ruling requires officials to send all such cases to the cabinet, in order to be decided on an individual basis. (photo from bbcimg.co.uk) (more…)

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