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The flotilla of aid-carrying ships that left Cyprus on Sunday was attacked by Israeli commandos off the coast of the Gaza Strip early on Monday, killing nine people on board.

Dozens of others were injured (photo, from aljazeera.net) when troops raided the convoy of six ships, dubbed the Freedom Flotilla. (more…)

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Israel’s plan to rehabilitate religious sites in the occupied West Bank raises concern in the United Nations’ culture and education body, Unesco.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said he intended to include the Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as the Cave of the Patriarchs (photo, from aljazeera.net), and several other contentious sites in the West Bank in a $107m heritage investment programme. (more…)

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The Washington Times reported that US president Barack Obama, has agreed to abide by a 40-year policy of allowing Israel to keep nuclear weapons without opening them to international inspection.

On Saturday, the US newspaper quoted three unnamed sources as saying Obama had confirmed to Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, that he would maintain the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. (more…)

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Hundreds of Palestinian villagers regularly undertake a non-violent march, short yet symbolic, to the separation wall built by Israel on their land.

(photo, from bbc.co.uk)


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