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The UK is the only EU member state which refused to back a tax and budget pact – known as a “fiscal compact” – aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis.

UK prime minister David Cameron (photo, from guardian.co.uk) said he had to protect key British interests, including its financial markets. (more…)

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On Monday UK prime minister David Cameron (photo, from aljazeera.net) said that in order to prevent last week’s several nights of riots from happening again his government will work to mend the country’s “broken society” as well as fight against its “moral collapse”. (more…)

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During his first visit to Berlin, David Cameron has told German leader Angela Merkel the UK will not agree to hand any further powers to Brussels. (photo, from dailymail.co.uk)

After talks in the German capital, UK prime minister said there was “no question” of him backing any treaty giving the EU more powers to shore up the eurozone. (more…)

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