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The White House said that the US and Iraq have agreed to seek “a general time horizon”, for the withdrawal of American troops.

On Friday, Dana Perino, the White House spokeswoman, said that the US president, George W. Bush, and Nuri al-Maliki (photo, from lefigaro.fr), the Iraqi prime minister, had agreed not to set an “arbitrary date for withdrawal”. (more…)

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A report in the New Yorker magazine said that US congressional leaders have agreed to a presidential request for up to $400 million in funding, for covert operations against Iran.

The capture of Iranian security officers and the backing of anti-Tehran armed groups were included in previous cross-border operations, said the report by the investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh (photo). (more…)

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Foreigners held at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay have the right, under the constitution, to challenge their detention in civilian courts, said the US Supreme Court. (more…)

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