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A radio station aligned with ousted president Manuel Zelaya, has been raided and shut down by Honduran soldiers (photo, from aljazeera.net). (more…)

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After his re-election as Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi (photo) will be sworn on Thursday and has unveiled his new government. He has appointed 21 ministers, including 4 women, 12 with a portfolio and nine without. (more…)

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Belgium’King, Albert II, asked Guy Verhosradt earlier this week to form an interim government. And he did.

The government of the Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who lost the elections in June, can’t stay in office for more than three months. Then he will hand over power to Christian Democrats and Liberals, who won the elections in June. Together they won 81 of the 150 seats.

On Sunday the interim government will face a parliamentary vote of confidence. If it passes this vote, Mr Verhofstadt’s government will stay in office until March, 23, not longer.

Let’s hope this foretell the end of the crisis for Belgium.

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