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A coalition agreement with the Yisrael Beitenu party has been signed by Benjamin Netanyahu, the designated Israeli prime minister and leader of the Likud party.

The deal says that Avigdor Lieberman (photo, from bbc.co.uk), Yisrael Beitenu’s leader, would be foreign minister, Israel Radio reported on Monday. (more…)

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Neither of the two main parties (photo, from bbc.co.uk) can form a government on its own, confirmed the final results of Israel’s general election. (more…)

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Tzipi Livni (photo, from economist.com), Israel’s foreign ministry, has won the election to replace Ehud Olmert, the current prime minister, as the leader of the ruling Kadima party.

Early on Thursday, Ms Livni said in a victory speech, that she would now begin efforts to form a coalition government, putting her on track for the premiership. (more…)

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