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After his tax history has become a campaign issue, on Tuesday US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (photo, from aljazeera.com) has released two large sets of tax documents disclosing his multi-million-dollar income on his campaign website. (more…)

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So far, three different Republican candidates won the primary in three different states. After Reagan and Bush, will one candidate bring all the Republicans together again ? (more…)

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The caucus are closing in and the battle continu in each camp : democrates (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the lead) and republicans. Each candidate has less than a month to persuade his camp that he (or she) is the best choice. This week, republicans have been discussing religious matters.

The former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, spoke about his Mormon faith on thursday. He stood in the library built for the first President Bush, in the morning ( which assured him of a minuscule television audience). He claimed that nor his Church, nor any other would influence his decisions, if he was elected.

On CNN, at the recent Republican debate, the candidates had to answer that question from a voter : “Do you believe every word of this book?” (a Christian edition of the Bible). Mormons think there are “mistakes” in this book, and that’s what this question was about. People wonder if Mitt Romney would forsake his Mormon faith in order to become president.

Call me naive, but shouldn’t the only question for a candidate to the Oval Office be : “Do you fit the job?”

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