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He chose interim

Italian president had a choice and decided to name an interim government. Giorgio Nappolitano spent four days meeting with political leaders of all sides before turning to Franco Marini, centre-left Speaker.

Mr Marini will have the tall order to form a new government to reform voting rules. His temporary government will run the country with members of the left and right wings, until the election.

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Italy’s former Prime minister and conservative leader, Silvio Berlusconi, said new elections were the only way to bring stability back to the country. After less than tow years in charge, Romano Prodi (photo) resigned on Friday, because he lost a vote of confiance in the parliament. He left the centre-left shattered.

Now President Giorgio Napolitano has only two options to end the political crisis Italy’s going through : name an interim government or convoke new elections. (more…)

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