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In recent weeks, more than 100 children have died of lead poisoning in Nigeria, health officials say.

The number has been rising since March, when residents started digging illegally for gold in areas with high concentrations of lead.

The victims were from several remote villages in the northern state of Zamfara. (map, from bbcimg.co.uk) (more…)


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Trying to prevent further violence between Muslim and Christian gangs, troops have been patrolling the central Nigerian city of Jos (photo, from aljazeera.net). (more…)

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On Nigeria’s death row, hundreds of prisoners did not have a fair trial and may be innocent, according to Amnesty International. (more…)

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An “oil war” against foreign-owned oil compagnies working in the Niger Delta (photo), has been declared by Nigeria’s main militant group.

On Sunday, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) said it had launched “hurricane Barbarossa” and destroyed flow stations and oil pipelines, killing 22 Nigerian soldiers. (more…)

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