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British film Atonement won four prizes in the newly-named Richard Attenborough Film Awards. Also nominated for best film at the Oscars, the movie won film of the year, best actor for James McAvoy (photo), best film maker and best screenwriter. (more…)

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He chose interim

Italian president had a choice and decided to name an interim government. Giorgio Nappolitano spent four days meeting with political leaders of all sides before turning to Franco Marini, centre-left Speaker.

Mr Marini will have the tall order to form a new government to reform voting rules. His temporary government will run the country with members of the left and right wings, until the election.

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Rudy Giuliani (photo below) bet on Florida, lost and gave his support to John McCain. He talkedabout him as “an american hero” and added “John McCain is the most qualified candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States”. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor, will also endorse the Arizona Senator. (more…)

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Italy’s former Prime minister and conservative leader, Silvio Berlusconi, said new elections were the only way to bring stability back to the country. After less than tow years in charge, Romano Prodi (photo) resigned on Friday, because he lost a vote of confiance in the parliament. He left the centre-left shattered.

Now President Giorgio Napolitano has only two options to end the political crisis Italy’s going through : name an interim government or convoke new elections. (more…)

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Ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Independence leader, have been scattered at sea to mark the 60’s birthday of his assassination.

His ashes were in an urn and were mixed with water from the Arabian Sea by Nilamben Parikh, 75, Gandhi’s great-granddaughter. She said “this is a day for deep thought. This day will help us think how to move forward.” The ceremony unfolded according to Hindu rites. (more…)

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Senator of Illinois won a very important victory on Saturday, in South Carolina, which allowed him to stay in the running.

Then he received a major lift that might make a difference as it was also coveted by the Clintons : the support of senator Edward Kennedy. In a statement on Monday, Mr Kennedy praised Barack Obama as a “man with extraordinary gifts of leadership and character”. (more…)

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The Australian actor, Heath Ledger, is found dead in a Manhatan apartment, on Tuesday afternoon. The housekeeper came in and found the actor “unconscious at the apartment and pronounced dead”, said the New York Police Departement, adding that pills were found on a nearby night table. (more…)

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