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Two Palestinians-only bus lines were launched by Israel at the beginning of the week (photo AFP)

Two Palestinians-only bus lines have been launched by Israel in the occupied West Bank, a move described as racist by an Israeli rights group.

The Transport Ministry said it was an improvement in service. (more…)

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Saudi Arabia has long been criticised regarding its women rights. In the Muslim country women cannot travel without the consent of their male ‘guardians’ and are now monitored by an electronic system at airports.

If a woman crosses the border a new system will automatically send a text message to the men in order to inform them that the woman is leaving or entering the country, even if the man is travelling with her. (more…)

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A few days after promising to review treason law, Russian president Vladimir Putin (photo, from dailymail.co.uk) has signed it. The law which expands the definition of treason went into effect on Wednesday.

According to critics this new law may be used to stifle dissent. (more…)

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On Monday evening, the end of the daytime fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan marked the start of a protest in the Tunisian capital, Tunis. (more…)

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Two Saudi women will compete in the London 2012 Games, said the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Sarah Attar (photo, from bbc.co.uk) will compete in the 800m and Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrakhani in the judo competition above 78kg. (more…)

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A woman in Afghanistan has been arrested for allegedly strangling her 22-year old daughter-in-law two days ago in the village of Mahfalay, inKunduz province (map, from bbcimg.co.uk), for giving birth to a third daughter. (more…)

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A video appears to show four US soldiers in Afghanistan urinating on three apparently lifeless men on the ground (photo, from bbcimg.co.uk). The soldiers seem to be aware that they are being filmed. (more…)

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