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An army sergeant who revealed that he was gay in an interview with a national news magazine at the weekend, has been arrested by Brazilian military. (more…)

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Two days after Barack Obama (photo) in effect clinched the nomination for November’s Us presidential election, he held an unannounced meeting with his defeated rival, Hillary Clinton. (more…)

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The highest court of Turkey has blocked government moves to allow college students to wear Muslim headscarves.

A vote by parliament to ease a ban on scarves being worn on campuses violated the constitution’s secular principles, said the Constitutional Court. (more…)

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The “missing pyramid” (photo, from boston.com) of a pharaoh has been uncovered by Egyptian archaoligists, as well as a ceremonial procession road on which high priests carried mummified remains of sacred bulls, said Egypt’s antiquities chief on Thursday. (more…)

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